Institute for active psychotherapy – IAP – is a result of professional drive and arose as part of a counterculture to the leading psychodynamic perspective of the 1970s. In 1982, this led to the foundation of IAP, which has provided specialist programmes in psychology since 1985. In 2000, IAP was established as a professional association.

IAP offers both mandatory and optional programmes as well as introductory courses in

  • child and adolescent psychology
  • adult psychology
  • family psychology
  • organisational psychology
  • group therapy (optional programme and shorter introductory courses)Group supervision is an integral part of all the programmes and candidates are provided with an educative and inclusive environment in which to develop their professional identities.

All courses and programmes are approved by The Norwegian Psychological Association.

IAP is a professional association and institute aiming to

  • acquire, further develop and convey theory, approaches and work methods suitable for meeting a broad spectrum of problems and professional challenges in clinical and organisational change management.
  • encourage an informed and critical debate on the activity and role of psychologists in a contemporary societal context.

We have challenged prevailing academic truths on many occasions, inspired by philosophical perspectives such as phenomenology, humanism and existentialism.

IAP offers academic development and community on several arenas

  • IAP Agora: A seminar for professional development, where the first day is exclusively for IAP members, while the second day is open to other participants. The seminar is taking place in Oslo.
  • IAP Salong: Inspirational lecture and social get-together. Arranged twice a year, in spring and autumn.
  • Supervision seminar: Arranged every other year for IAP supervisors.
  • Management forum for psychologist personnel managers.
  • Annual meeting emphasising professional development and social gathering.